About us

Ridin heavy is the #1 source for urban car culture. We are a lifestyle brand that produces apparel, accessories, and more to help you ride with style on the streets. Our mission is to bring back the culture of cars by designing products that can be shared with friends and family. Whether it's customizing your whip, cruising through town or just having fun in general, Ridin heavy has got you covered.

Ridin heavy is an online social media page that shares the latest in urban car culture. We focus on automobiles with a special emphasis on custom cars, shock value videos, motorcycles and anything else you can think of with wheels. Ridin Heavy was founded in 2017. 

Ridin heavy is the ultimate destination for urban car culture. We offer all the latest and greatest in automotive news, reviews, event coverage, and more. The company was founded by a group of like-minded individuals with one goal: to provide an authentic look at the wide world of cars and trucks from a perspective that's been largely overlooked by mainstream media outlets.